RVNFIT Podcast 6: Lorelei Bonet Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1 hour 5 mins by RVNFIT |

Lorelei Bonet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. The Center is a national model for providing integrative patient care for individuals and families touched by cancer. The majority of the programs, including support groups and psychosocial care, are offered to individuals free of charge. The center encourages you to make a financial contribution to help them continue their essential work. Listen in as Lorelei tells us more about her role as a Clinical Social Worker in a place where people come in with little to no hope. Venture with us on our show to see how individuals and families find the hope through the Simms/Mann center. There is always hope, sometimes it's just on different levels than we had first expected.