RVNFIT Podcast 5: Roger Schwarz, LMFT, JD.

1 hour 8 mins by RVNFIT |

First, Roger isn't just a therapist. He is a CPA and an Attorney. A smart guy that changed careers later in life in his pursuit to find himself and help others. Little did he know that his background in finance would carry over into his counseling practice. Rebekah and I picked up a few tips on how to handle each other during heated moments! Unplanned, MONEY and FINANCES instantly became much of our talking point. Apparently, $$ is a common conflict for many couples. Rebekah learns that sometimes, Andy needs to have a quiet beer, alone! And Andy learned that Rebekah often just needs a hug. This is probably one of our most fun and personal interviews. Roger turned the interview from him to us.